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Our Story

Who we are?

As one of the leading Silicon Hydrogel Contact Lens Expert in Asia, we attribute our reputation to our customer by caring for your eyes like a family. We believe that all our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. We promise to bring consumers the most reassuring choice of lenses from the healthiest angle through the highest quality MIT products. Till now, we manufacture all types of spherical modality contact lenses (Daily, Bi-weekly, Monthly) and even silicone hydrogel for colour lens that is in trend these days.

What we provide?

We provide different contact lens services. "Material polymerization and synthesis, Product manufacturing and management, Optical design (Include myopia management), Big data analysis and statistics, Clinical trial plan, and Product regulatory." 

In the field of contact lens services, we provide:

  1. Materials specialists are actively developing new contact lens materials that exhibit hyper dK oxygen permeability and hydrophilic polymer coating technologies.

  2. Manufacturing specialists are trained to use leading edge optical inspection devices to ensure consistency, superior quality, and high efficiency in the production chain. Innovative technologies such as automated production lines are continuous being developed to complete high-level processing technology.

  3. Optical design can apply in depth knowledge of contact lens optics and geometric positioning to invent new lens designs that revolutionizes the modern contact lens fitting. We also can provide each unique lens design is patent protected to safeguard design proprietary and intellectual property.

  4. System integration of production and manufacturing, collection of production data for analysis, and formulation of an optimized production plan.

  5. We have clinical experts with a background in vision science and optometry, and practitioners can independently conduct clinical tests and product tests through our professional training.

  6. Assist in the establishment of effective control of the safety, efficiency and quality of medical devices produced and the establishment of a complete, international standard "medical device product full life cycle" management system. Products start from the initial stage of pre-market evaluation and registration, internal process management, market supervision and post-market supervision and supervision.

Get in touch today to learn more. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our best offerings for caring of your eyes.

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